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Vote for Jim Elkins On August 22nd
By Larry Buster


August 20, 2006

Jim Elkins has been a private business owner here in Ketchikan for more years than I can recall. He has proven that he is capable of budgeting his expenses and manage a positive payroll. These two abilities are much needed in our State's Legislature, now more than ever. It would be foolish not to re-elect Mr. Elkins with his experience and leadership.

Jim stepped up to the plate when the funding for our local North and South Tongass Volunteer Fire Departments were to be sent elsewhere. Apparently, fire protection and ambulance services are not that important to "some of the legislators" for Ketchikan. Now, thanks to Jim, we have two new fire stations on the North end and the South end received much need updated equipment. For those of you, here in Ketchikan, that needed the help from either of these departments, keep Mr. Elkins in mind when you vote.

Finally, Jim Elkins has proven his ability to build alliances with both Democrats and Republicans. This helps keep a working balance between the two parties so they can get something done.

Keep wisdom and experience in our State House, vote Jim Elkins.

Larry Buster
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "Larry Buster is a local born and raised Ketchikan resident. He has lived here over 38 years."




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