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Scrap the Swan Lake-Tyee Lake Project
By Don Hoff, Jr.


August 20, 2006

The Swan Lake Project went into commercial operation on June 7, 1984 and was purchased from the Alaska Energy Authority and transferred to the Four Dam Pool Power Agency on January 31, 2002. The Swan Lake Project is located approximately 22 air miles northeast of Ketchikan, Alaska, on Falls Creek, which drains from Swan Lake to Carroll Inlet on Revillagigedo Island. This Intertie involves Wrangell, Petersburg and Ketchikan.

It is another Local Government con job boon-doggle project and the greatest waste of your tax dollars. I am not saying it was a bad idea. It is just not feasible and out-dated project. The tax money that was spent to date, could have built more hydro generating plants for each of the Alaska communities involved to meet their power needs.

It's been over 22 years to build this Swan Lake-Tyee Lake Intertie! Ridicules! Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is presently constructing 37 mile 500 kV transmission line from Cumberland City, TN to Clarksville, TN. They are projecting a 2 year actual construction completion date. I understand the environmental differences but we build in the wilderness down here and I have understanding now what it takes to build a 161 KV or 500 KV transmission line from start to finish.

Folks, the Swan Lake-Tyee Lake Intertie is less than 50% complete and they are asking the State of Alaska and Federal Government bail out the Four Dam Pool to complete the transmission line after 22 years of wasted infrastructure and planning dollars. Now to find out the Four Dam Pool bunch have yet to negotiate with the U.S. Forest Service for right of way permit for the power line up the Bradfield Canal near Ketchikan? Outrageous! Plus the Four Dam Pool bunch wants 40 million dollars from the State of Alaska and 10 million tax payers dollars bail out from the Federal Government to try to complete the Intertie Project?
In closing, Scrape the Intertie project and start firing politicians and staff for this boon-doggle Intertie Project. Quit wasting our tax dollars and it rains for free in Southeast Alaska. Each Intertie community should just worry about their own power needs and generate hydro power with their own plants. Stupid minds comes stupid ideas . . . a theory I have. It's your tax money.

This is my own opinion,

Aan Kadax Tseen
Gaanaax adi Clan
Yei l Hit
Taanta Kwaan
Hixson, TN - USA

About: "Aan Kadax Tseen aka Don Hoff Jr., Past City Councilman and Vice Mayor - City of Ketchikan; Past Board of Director - Ketchikan Public Utilities; Past O.S.H.A. Review Boardmember - State of Alaska; Past I.R.A. Councilman - Ketchikan Indian Community. Tongass Tribe member of the Gaanax adi Clan, Yei l Hit (Raven House)."




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