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Pro Elkins
By David Hull


August 18, 2006

The intent of this letter is to offer my support for Representative Jim Elkins' campaign for reelection. I have had the privilege of working with Representative Elkins in Juneau on a number of issues that have had Statewide and local impact. Jim and his staff have always been very responsive to my requests for information and very active in their efforts to enhance the safety of all Alaska s citizens, particularly our neighbors in the region and here locally in Ketchikan.

I have lived in Ketchikan for the last 35 years and Public Safety has been my life for the past 31 years. I am impressed with Jim's energy and willingness to stand up for us in Juneau to ensure that Ketchikan receives the best possible recourses available at the least cost for the local benefactor, us. It is not only his willingness to fight for Public Safety issues that have me convinced, however. Jim is also on the right path when it comes to power generation, schools and the Alaska Marine Highway System. He represents a total package of leadership we need in Juneau.

I am going to vote for Representative Jim Elkins for another term. I highly encourage all of you to do the same. In my mind, a vote for Jim Elkins is a vote for high quality leadership and team work essential for success in today s legislative environment.

Above all, regardless of whom you vote for, please get out and vote.

David Hull
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: 35 year resident of Ketchkan.




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