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White Cliff School Renovations and Sales Taxes
By Robert D. Warner


August 13, 2006

I do not support any sales tax or other tax increases to renovate White Cliff School. If my memory is correct, the Borough has recently been involved in renovating a junior high school, a project with many cost overruns, construction delays, legal disputes, etc. Who is going to end up paying the lion's share of these serious cost overruns?

Let's not provide the opportunity for the Borough to make the same mistake again! All too often, the expensive renovation of old buildings that have been in disrepair for years does not make good sense. We should voice a firm "NO" to such projects and any tax increases related to them!!

Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "34 year resident of Ketchikan and retired Ketchikan Campus faculty"


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