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Sales taxes / Gas line/ Visitors tax
By Robert MacRoberts


August 13, 2006

Taxes: Why is it so easy for the assembly to just keep on raising them? I agree very much with Mr. Bergeron. I like the arts, my 7-year old daughter is a dedicated ballet dancer. But we chose to support as we can afford. I am an artist at heart but most of my art is in my work. I first thought that the building should of been used for the borough offices when Mrs. Herron purposed the arts councils wants. It seems these people are absent at nothing but the finest of buildings. If you can not just be happy with just fixing it to use, then your earnings can be used to improve the place. If your kids are not involved in these activities you probability could care less about the programs and are totally against paying for try two birds. Let's move the borough out of present location to White Cliff. Rent the upstairs of the old building to the arts and rent the street level to the tourist outfits. Senior Services could have the ground level at White Cliff - we all win. Let's quit going after more than we can afford.

Gas line: With recent pipe line trouble I have thought about future trouble; when it's cold my gas bottle for the grill is always icy. And when its really cold, like arctic winters, the gas must really be cold. Cutting this to the point - it's just ice going through the line. Isn't ice very abrasive, will this not speed up wear on the pipe line? Something like a trillion gallons of ice. I just don't trust throwing all that money out when we could just build a rail system that could also serve every other industry all in the same. Gas cubes on wheels. Maybe even run the whole thing off natural gas. Locomotives to refers full of fish and crab. O" but that might work. The gas might even last a few generations.

And now should we tax the visitors that come to Alaska? Well what do the tourist come here to see? Is it Alaska or Ketchikan's jewelry stores? I thought that it was Alaska - from the natural beauty and history of the last frontier. The wild life. Will the ports the ships stop at all get their shares of taxes? But for the state of Alaska what cut are they getting? Like the oil, the gold, the fish - what are we getting to pay for the damage these big ships are doing to our fish and whales? The things that do not now stay two hundred feet away in the channel. But the ones that really get me are the ones just leaving town. They start gambling and speaking so loud they even drown out my lawn mower. What gives them the right to gamble in my front yard and not invite me. O" heck maybe I am just tired of breathing the black smoke constantly coming out of the busses that aren't even paying sales taxes to the city.

They're coming for the experience - they will pay. I do not believe we will see the money though.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: " Paying to live here, and paying to visit here for most of my life. I too am waiting to run for office - just to busy trying to get to the next job right now."



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