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Yes to sales tax increase
By Kathy Bolling Graham


August 10, 2006

Dear fellow taxpayers:

Thank goodness, we are one step closer to being able to have a say about what will happen to the Borough-owned White Cliff School building. The building is going to cost us taxpayers millions no matter what becomes of it, so the opportunity to turn it into a thriving community center is a positive choice that I want the opportunity to say, "Yes! " to.

I'm a local single mom, I have parents and children living in this community and I will gladly pay an additional dime on every twenty dollars I spend at local businesses to insure that Ketchikan continues to be a community which cares for its seniors and children the way they care for us.

I'm now paying additional sales tax for the recreation center which my family uses for dance, basketball, tennis, and soccer. I live on a tight budget and I know a bargain when I see one. The White Cliff Center, a project not to be confused with Schoenbar, tour ships, or failed business ventures, has a devoted core of locals who will be minding the store, so to speak. Discussions on sales tax on food and rent belong on another table.

The four not-for-profit groups who joined forces to see the success of our community continue to grow have been around at least as long as I have (and that's saying something). Looking at the growth of the City-owned hospital, run by a not-for-profit, Ketchikan shows that it can make a win-win by combining efforts and talents of both for the benefit of Ketchikan for decades to come.

Thanks for listening,

Kathy Bolling Graham
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "I live and work in Ketchikan and love this state and city where I was born. I'm not planning to run for office this fall. I will, however be working on projects for the upcoming First City Players production of Oliver, making kuspuks for the Winter Arts Faire (KAAHC), and dancing ( a habit I picked up under the tutelage of Virginia Klepser at the Ketchikan Theatre Ballet in the 1960 s-70 s.)"


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