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Yes, to White Cliff Center
By Alaire Stanton


August 10, 2006

Briefly, I would respond to Sam Bergeron's position on the White Cliff Center. I am happy to see that he thinks the project has merit. I agree whole-heartedly. That is also why I think a Borough-wide sales tax makes sense in this instance. This is a vital project for Senior Citizens and for the Arts Community that will also save an historic building and save money in the long run and provide multi-generational activity opportunities.

Yes, the Sales Tax ordinance may need revision to address some of the concerns Sam mentions. That can be done at another time by the elected Assembly members.

Apparently Sam has forgotten that all the people who live in the City of Ketchikan are also living in the Borough. Furthermore, the City of Ketchikan has contributed $500,000 already and is underwriting the utilities of the building during this transition time. We should not double dip on the City taxpayers anymore than that. This is an area-wide project and it should be funded on an area-wide basis.

The Steering Committee has considered additional participants. However, it looks now as if the present four partners will just about fill the building to capacity. If consolidation is approved, then the issue of Borough buildings can be addressed at a later time.

This is one time when I will support additional sales taxes.


Alaire Stanton
Chair, Ketchikan Senior Citizens Services
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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