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Baseball is...
By Ken Lewis


August 09, 2006

Baseball to me is: An American sport not approved of by the Profit Mohammad and Terrorist do not play it. These are two recent reasons I love it. It also means we kicked the King of England, his weak over taxed tea and his version of recess activities back across the Atlantic. A Civil War General named Abner Doubleday is credited for inventing the game upon our soil, and I like that concept as well. Did I forget to mention Mom and Apple Pie? Jacque Chirac throws like a Frenchman. And eclectic music is not played during the seventh inning stretch. Bada Bing Baby, give me a lousy hotdog and spill your beverage on me. I have my own view of America. Play Ball.

The greatest athlete on earth, according to King of Sweden, had his Olympic medals stripped because he made 50 bucks a month feeding his family playing it. The mighty Jim Thorpe played semi pro ball during a summer, this technical violation occurred before Thorpe showed that one of Americas first peoples was the best athlete on earth. Try not to compare NBA players representing our Olympic basketball team today, and make sense of this humiliating treatment of Jim Thorpe. I can t wait for the day a young American Native does something incredible in the game of baseball, and when asked what motivated him, he says Jim Thorpe s decathlon and pentathlon Gold Medals. There is room for Jackie Robinson moments, if we quit focusing on reporter s glory and their next steroids story. But fairness to me would be every College Professor at Berkley being drug tested until Berkley wins the College World Series. PEANUTZ HEEEERE!

Baseball was made to be as cruel as it is great. As Bohemian mentality through appeasement, try to remove the feeling of the game to protect their own feelings, they inevitably flat line it. (Note; Bohemians must prove how wrong and insensitive their parents were). If it doesn t hurt, never expect to enjoy the extreme highs it can bring. Winning means nothing unless you risk something of value, that value can be in the form of dedicated effort, and this is why tying (kissing ones sister in baseball) is unacceptable. The people that over use the term fun to justify mediocrity, will never understand that there are higher levels of fun that are a direct result of hard work and higher expectations. The comrades, who go on a quest to be the best, may feel extremes ranging from a pool of tears on a dugout floor to a pig pile of incredible accomplishment. It is never faked and there is no easy button for this rollercoaster of feelings. This Natural High is of their-own creation, and they should never be protected from having their hearts torn out. It makes them stronger when they decide, never to feel it again, and they do something about it. This also applies to missing the cut. Even a man like John Lennon had to work hard and take music seriously before anyone cared about his message. Lennon would have just been another hippie had he not worked harder than the other hippies with guitars. Imagine if Yoko Ono planned the invasion of Normandy and Yogi Berra married John? My bet is Ichiro would be working at a VW factory, and Yogi would have written a book called my two daddies. Baseball should never try to entertain, anymore than entertainers should bring their ideologies to the greatest game on earth. Yeeeeeer-Out!

Yogi-ism if they made the bases a foot further apart, the plays would not be so close.

Because Yogi speaks in riddle, his message was "you view me as a fool, therefore only a fool would suggest changing this perfect game".

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "I like baseball, but think ESPN sells Guys with hairy thighs as if it is the game."


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