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By Don Hoff Jr.


August 05, 2006

Governor Frank H. Murkowski, R-Alaska and family own property on Gravina Island near Ketchikan, Alaska. There is a family owned 33-acre old gold mine plots named, Goldstring and Goldstone sites just south of Clam Cove on Gravina Island.

You expect the American tax payer to build you a $315 million bridge? Governor Murkowski, do you want Alaskan Native Tribes to sacrifice tribal graves for a boon-doggle bridge to Gravina Island VIA Pennock Island, so you can drive over to your property from Ketchikan or drive to your property on Gravina Island that the timber industry builds for you from Ketchikan Airport on your new jet?

It was bad enough when it appeared that this bridge would just benefit a few private interests in the timber industry. It's even worse to learn that you will now be able to get to your property on Gravina Island at taxpayer's expense. The few good ole boys big con job on Alaskans.

Here is one survey of a couple that shows Governor Murkowski ranks 49th of 50 as the worst governors in the United States.

July 20, 2006

Ratings from Survey USA/WHAS-TV

National Average 49% - 47% Approval / Disapproval
47 Missouri Blunt, Matt R: Approval 38% - Disapproval 58%
48 Kentucky Fletcher, Ernie R: Approval 30% - Disapproval 66%
49 Alaska Murkowski, Frank: Approval 21% - Disapproval 76%
50 Ohio Taft, Bob R: Approval 17% - Disapproval 78%

In closing, regardless what Governor Murkowski, Sen. Ted Stevens, Sen. Lisa Murkowski or Rep. Don Young says about the proposed bridge project in Ketchikan, it's a very expensive lie and America said no to the "bridge to Nowhere".

These same folks lost millions of your hard earned tax dollars to date on speculation. I predict that the today's cost of $315 million dollars to build this proposed bridge will cost Alaskans and U.S. taxpayers $415 million dollars or higher because of the price of fuel. Our tax dollars will be better spent elsewhere.

This is only my opinion.

Aan Kadax Tseen aka Don Hoff Jr.
Hixson, TN - USA

About: Aan Kadax Tseen aka Don Hoff Jr., Past City Councilman and Vice Mayor - City of Ketchikan; Past Board of Director - Ketchikan Public Utilities; Past O.S.H.A. Review Boardmember - State of Alaska; Past I.R.A. Councilman - Ketchikan Indian Community. Tongass Tribe member of the Gaanax adi Clan, Yei l Hit (Raven House).


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