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Olsen Leaves Ketchikan


August 09, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - Corky Olsen was bid farewell Monday by members of the Revilla Island Prevention Coalition.

Olsen will be leaving the Ketchikan Public Health Service and will be relocating to Juneau on August 19th.

jpg members of RIPC

Members of RIPC pictured: Bob McClory, Ketchikan High School Counselor; Kenny Pearson, Youth Initiatives; Yeda Hicks, City of Saxman Board; Kevin Murphy, Individual Member; Gretchen Klein, Big Brothers Big Sisters; Corky Olsen, Ketchikan Public Health; Alex Chavarria, Youth Assistant Ketchikan Youth Court; Bob Combs, Director of Ketchikan Youth Court; Dragon London, Women in Safe Homes, Karen Eakes Director of PATCHWorks; Jessica Reveri, Ketchikan Non-profit Services Database Project; Alli Kitchner, VISTA freshmen orientation project; Dawn Rawwolf PATCHWorks Board and Visionary of Children's Museum in Ketchikan.
Photo courtesy Revilla Island Prevention Coalition

Big Brothers Big Sisters director Gretchen Klein said Olsen witnessed many good things happening in Ketchikan. Among those many good things were the new service organizations of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Ketchikan Youth Court, Boys and Girls Club, and Ketchikan Youth Initiatives. Klein said scholarships were established, a larger Yearly Assets Awards was a held, and there was an increase in collaboration within groups. Olsen was here to see PATCHWorks become its own entity, and Klein said many successful Health Fairs have been held. Olsen also witnessed the opening of the new Ketchikan Regional Youth Facility.

Klein thanked Olsen for "helping us work on our many different visions." She said, "You will be missed."



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