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"Historical moment for United Nations"
By Dinesh Kumar


August 31, 2005

Kudos to the writer of "Historical moment for United Nations" (August 29) for candidly arguing that U.N. member states' priority to national interests over the universal ideals and principles has undermined the effectiveness of the United Nations in shaping a peaceful and prosperous world. Unfortunately, in recent years the most influential member of the world body, the United States, has become the biggest culprit in this context.

Only American people can make our leaders rise above the narrow interests and promote a global perspective toward the daunting challenges the humanity faces in the 21st century. For this to happen, Americans need to have better understanding of the crucial role of the U.N in dealing with issues, like peace and security, poverty, human rights, AIDS etc. United Nations Association of the USA (, one of the nationís largest grass-root organizations, and several other groups are dedicated to this mission, which needs to be supported by all Americans, who care for the betterment of entire humanity.

Dinesh Kumar, Ph.D.
Weekly contributor to the London-based Jane's Intelligence Digest:
Astoria, NY


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