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By Paul Krater


August 30, 2005

Concerning Pips - The end game begins, Commentary by David Hanger, August 21, 2005:

1) Thank you David for the info about Pips. As a fellow pipster, we were not hearing anything, except that "everything would be ok", and obviously that is wrong.

2) Yes, I was (am) a loyal pipster, believing what I was told, and looking at the #'s increasing on the chart, as you eluded to. I did not take anyone's money for I can never "recruit", but if I had been able to recruit, I would have felt that I was helping the person that I recruited, to earn a good living eventually, not that I was robbing them, or Marsden.

3) You say you wonder why people join programs such as this? I can't speak for anyone else, but I believe they are much like me, all over the world. Since 1982, I have been searching for something that would provide an income to me and my family, without me having to keep working the rest of my life.

Of the hundreds of programs/opportunities I have tried over the years (starting with Amway that is still in business, to all sorts of mail order, pure sales, other mlm's, 10's of programs that came about due to the internet, including Pips), and having lost literally tens of thousands of dollars and never earning what I spent on the program, most of the time never receiving a penny to go towards expenses, I still "invest" my time and money, always "searching".

Crazy? Some say yes, most definately, including my wife! Yes I'm addicted, but I never spend more than I can afford to lose, and I don't use "mortgage" or "retirement" money, etc. But, like thousands and millions of people out there, I feel that there HAS to be something out there, that can give a reasonable return like the banks and others "in the know" get.

Pips was that vehicle for many who were able to "withdraw money" from their accounts. I opened one account in May 2004, and saw it be built up to thousands of dollars, and out of that money, I opened up other accounts for other people I was going to help, starting in May 2005, by taking money from my account and opening up their account. I was going to do this through Dec. of 2005 and in Jan. of 2006, I was going to start withdrawing money so I could start paying off our home mortgage.

Somehow it always seems that I end up on the tail end of the stick, and just one time I would like to be at the "top" instead of on the bottom!

If someone is "stealing", be it Bryan and Sharon Marsden, or other pipsters, or people "running" other programs, they should be brought to justice and the program(s) shut down. Unfortunately, that won't bring back the money people lost, or the lives, hopes and dreams that millions have created.

Lastly, perhaps I live in a "dream world", but I believe that most people are just looking for things to be more even, one way would be to have the people "in the know" share how they are earning such high returns and living "high on the hog", instead of the world being so lop-sided, where the few rich people keep getting richer and seemingly more and more people are joining the ranks of the poor, for whatever reasons.

Paul Krater
Murphy, TX - USA


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