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What do the PEOPLE want?
By Greg Harris


August 30, 2005

Dear Editor,

Every day I miss certain things about "The Rock", the eagles, whales, etc, family members, even the rain sometimes. Having moved from Ketchikan 5 years ago I can still say I haven't found a place I've felt at home yet. However, as much as I miss it I couldn't move back and put up with the "crap" that still controls the town.

Seven years ago I ran for Ketchikan City Council with the banner of "Time for a Change" and my whole support behind a Head Tax for cruise ship passengers to support local infrastructure improvements for both Townspeople and tourists. Every time I talk with family members still in Ketchikan it's the same old same old with the town leaders.They all want to build docks for more boats, they have grandiose ideas for bridges to Gravina, and yet they all forget about the PEOPLE who live there. What do the PEOPLE want? When only 23% of people turn out for a vote that should be a clue that they ain't buying what it is you are selling!

Personally, it makes me wonder how many free trips certain city managers, counselors and others are receiving from the companies that would benefit from the docks and bridge. Hell, I used to work for Ketchikan Ready Mix and I was still against the bridge.

While the same people keep getting elected, or appointed, to life-long positions with the City, others are forced to either move out or accept the pablum dished out year after year. Why not just give each resident of Ketchikan a few million dollars so they could afford a life pass on the ferry. It's cheaper than a bridge. Oops! I'm sorry, that makes more sense.... foolish me.

Hello Ketchikan Friends! We miss you all.


Greg Harris
Springfield, OR - USA




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