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By Rick Watson


August 29, 2005

I am so tired of having this and that crammed down our throats with a just a YES or NO vote. Give us some choices and you might see some progress. For example, Option 1 Southend berths, Option 2 Northend berths, Option 3 None. Then let the majority rule on the options.

We also need choices for our up coming election and I encourage anyone who has any inclination to run, to please do so. I hate to say it, but by the looks of our current candidates we are all in for more of the same. Sadly enough I am shammed to admit I voted for some of our current elected officials. They always sound so good during their campaign, they had me convinced, too bad they rarely seem to keep their promise or their goals once elected.

One last thing!

To those of you on the Borough Assembly, and School Board for that matter who did NOTHING to fix the 7th and 8th graders classroom problem until it was far too late, shame on you. You knew this was coming a year ago. You knew the contractor was running late. You did nothing! Now my daughter who is an 8th grader will suffer. There are lots of things you could have done. Ever think about renting a couple trailers for temporary classrooms. My school did during construction. Worked great for years. Is the word contingency not in your dictionary? How about Plan?

It may partially be the contractor's fault for being delayed but it's also your fault for not thinking.

I also wish to thank Dick for hosting this site and giving us the opportunity to express our opinions.

Rick Watson
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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