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By Bill Thomas Sr.


August 29, 2005

Dear Sitnews:

With few exceptions, I find that we are grasping for new issues to chew on. Between the Gravina Island interests and the more recent harbor ambitions, I can't imagine what is left to say about those two. Once a decision has been rendered, that generally means the end of discussion.

I maintain the deepest respect for all who express themselves either publicly or more importantly at the polls.

This note is not to discourage anybody from being an active part of this fine community. You are who makes this the place to live. The good folks we hear from that are former residents use this forum to feel the pleasure of still having kinship to Ketchikan, and I appreciate and respect that.

I am curious about when people are going to concern themselves with programs from school being dropped, the lateness of remodel and new construction to address over populations in some school, what about no child left behind? Is the dropout rate in this community at zero percent? Has our drug and alcohol use by students gone away? Are all public places convenient and accessible for those who walk with special aids or wheelchairs? Can they open all doors? Has domestic violence and sexual abuse disappeared? Do we have adequate resources and shelters for those that need them?

These seem to be areas that not enough people want to talk about because it requires commitment. In many cases, it takes volunteers for them to work or more funds to pay for having these things in place.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Bill Thomas Sr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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