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Suggestion on solving two of the thorniest problems
By Jim Hadman


August 24, 2005

After following the news in Ketchikan over the past few months I've noticed two issues that cause a good deal of angst. They are the famous (or infamous) "Bridge to Nowhere" and extending the cruise ship piers to virtually wall off the town from the Narrows when the ships are in.

So, here is my suggestion for solving both these problems. Put the cruise ship piers on Gravina and have tourists access the town via the bridge. The cruise ship companies would surely be inclined to contribute infrastructure if it means extra dollars for them by increasing their access and Ketchikan gets a bridge with a purpose as well as a breather from the crush of ships on the waterfront.

I suppose there are reasons to doubt this scheme will work but it occurred to me that this could be a neat way to increase jobs and the economic base of the community by creating a separate tourist facility and solve two of the thorniest municipal problems at the same time.

As a former long time resident I wish you all success.

Jim Hadman
Bow, WA - USA




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