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Money is all gone
By Jay Jones


August 24, 2005

They say life is a circle, but people seem to always try and break it. Many of the same people who assured us that our natural resource-based economy could be replaced with a tourism-based economy are now anti-tourism.

The same people who compromised on a deal to open up part of the Slope to drilling in order to get their precious refuge created, now seem to have forgotten about the deal that was struck.

And speaking of circles, where is all the economic development money that the Clinton administration used to buy off local politicians when he closed the Tongass? It was your tax money. Or more correctly, it was your great grand kids tax money.

Do you know what the two most popular uses for your great grand kids taxes are (other than graft and new weapons systems)? In my opinion, buying votes and blackmailing through the threat of withholding funds. See what happens if you try to repeal the seat belt law.

My father used to say that the only way to get entrenched incumbents out of office and bureaucrats out of their offices was to starve them out. The money is all gone.

Jay Jones
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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