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By Michael Gomez


August 22, 2005

I listened to Tom Biscardi the other night on Coast to Coast. He is going to take his big foot and shove it in his mouth soon. I did not need to have a lie detector to tell that he was full of it. Now he wants to charge people to watch his Bigfoot bull. Only an idiot would buy into this.

If Tom really has found a Bigfoot, he could make money many other ways if he could prove it. He is expecting people to take a gamble on whether he catches one or not.

It's not that I don't believe in Bigfoot, I don't believe he is going about this the right way in regards to publicizing it before he catches one. He is taking advantage of people and their ignorance. Believe me, there are many ignorant people out there who will sign up and Tom will buy a new vacation house with the cash.

Thank you

Michael Gomez
Tennessee - USA


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