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By Chris Herby


August 19, 2005

I have been reading the comments from Marty West regarding the city ad money coming from the port fund. I think Marty and the rest of the city council truly believed they were looking out for the community's best interests when they approved spending over $20,000.00 on "vote yes" ads.

Although their intentions were probably good, I believe it was fundamentally wrong to use public money to persuade voters to vote in any certain way. Regardless of what fund the money came from, it was public money.

The results of the election showed that the majority of the voters opposed the proposition and yet their money was used to support a yes vote. Even if this was in fact legal, it was simply wrong.

It would have been totally appropriate for private enterprise such as the cruise industry or property owners to spend money on "vote yes" ads but certainly not our city government with public money. I think the council meant well but simply didn't think it through.

Chris J. Herby
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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