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"How arrogant are these guys?"
By Brian Bergeron


August 19, 2005

This morning, as I read the Ketchikan Daily News, I began by reading the article regarding the City Council meeting. Within the article, various city council members were quoted within my mind that made me wonder, "how arrogant are these guys?"

Now, I do agree with Bob Norton. 23% voter turnout for this special election is rather disappointing. I think it was important for everyone within the City who was a registered voter to show up to the polls. Only 23% of Ketchikan made this decision!

But none the less, here is one reason I voted "NO" against the bond. First of all, I think the City should be ashamed of the one sided campaign it waged on behalf of this bond. I, by nature, am a skeptical individual of government playing too much into an issue. Never, at any time, did I hear a single member of the City government attempt to clarify some of the issues that had raised concerns among the voting citizens.

Among many other reasons for my "NO" was the fact that I do not think that the economic issues of the bond were completely addressed and/or correct by any means. Additionally, I failed to understand how the city thought they could decrease the congestion downtown. Does that require knocking out the Tongass building, as well as a couple other buildings that line the street? How are you going to increase the amount of space in an area where all the space has been utilized?

Thank you for listening. Thank you to the people who voted on the bond this past Tuesday, and may you all have the best of luck avoiding all of the tourists for the rest of the season. They, as a collective, sure are annoying.


Brian Bergeron
Ketchikan Voting Citizen
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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