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Update about Chris
By the Ashcraft Family


August 19, 2005

We just wanted to post an update about Chris Ashcraft.

He did get out of the hospital on Wed. evening. He and his father are staying in Seattle for Physical Therapy and the first follow up visit with the Doctors that did his surgeries. It looks like they may be home as early as next Wed. baring any unforseen complications.
He is doing well, he really wishes he was at home as he is missing all his friends and his brothers and sister. He went out and about Seattle yesterday in a robe and slippers to go and get some shirts and shoes which mom forgot to pack and a few other things. He even made dad take him to the movies. Although he did have one of the worst nights he has had since the accident last night.

He is doing remarkably well and we all know it is because of all the prayers and well wishes from the wonderful community of Ketchikan!!

Thank you all so much for everything!

Robin, Aaron, Austin, Adrian, Caitlynn, Blaine and Chris Ashcraft
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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