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By Samantha Kuzakin


August 18, 2005

In March of this year I decided to re-open the restaurant once owned by the Cullup's located at 1630 Tongass Ave. At that time the only drawback was the parking situation. The Cullup's told me that they would fill out all the paperwork to get the parking changed from 24 hour parking to 2 hour parking. So I went ahead and opened "SharJo's Sunny Side Up" on April 1st... yes April Fools Day. A few weeks later I received a letter from the city stating that the parking change was denied due to the residential apartments in the area.

I then appealed the decision with the city manager Karl Amylon along with pages of customers some with disabilities that supported my request. I also stated other restaurants in Ketchikan had 2 hour parking and also had apartments in the area. After another three weeks I received a letter from the Assistant City Manager, David Martin. He states that it was turned down again due to the apartments that are in the area. He did state that he would see about getting a parking position assigned for people with disabilities.

This decision by the City of Ketchikan seems to be hurting my business. Is it they have something against the previous owners?, Do they have something aginst a small native owned business starting up in Ketchikan? I don't have all the answers. They want me to write the mayor and ask to be put on the agenda for the next meeting. I don't have time to go to the meetings since I am trying to survive in my business.

All I am asking from the City is that 5 spaces be changed from 24 hour parking to 2 hour parking. If they don't want restaruants to have 2 hour parking within a reasonable distance... maybe they should do away with the 2 hour parking altogether throughout the city. After all I am told that the 2 hour parking is not enforced outside the downtown area. You know the jewelry stores need 2 hour parking. And I am sure they provide more income for the City than my locally owned and operated restaurant.

If anyone knows how to deal with the city and parking please send me an email.

Samantha Kuzakin
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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