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Ketchikan Football
By Dinah Pearson


August 18, 2005

As the mother of two football players, as well as someone who saw the entire event, I applaud Coach Cropp's unrelenting protection of the boys on the field. His outburst, frankly tame by the standard set by many Ketchikan coaches, appeared to me as nothing more than acknowledgment that play was getting needless aggressive and going unimpeded by officials. You would be hard pressed to find a parent on the sidelines who had not already begun voicing that concern!

Coach Cropp's outburst was not a profane and offense explosion, nor did it appear to be much more than a coach protecting and supporting his team at the end of a very hard fought and emotional defeat. These boys are, after all, a competitive high school football team with a competitive high school coach.

I believe our boys did their job of playing tough football. The coach did his job of instructing, motivating, and supporting his team. The officials did their job of calling what they saw and ejecting the coach.

Shouldn't that have just been the end of the story?? Isn't this high school sports???

Thank you Coaches, Officials, and Players for bringing football to Ketchikan!

Dinah Pearson
Ketchikan, AK - USA





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