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Your corner of the World
By Bill Nelson


August 18, 2005

Our trip planned to your corner of the World... and what a trip it was. The first week was a little cool and rainy the second week was clear and warm. I prefer the cool and rainy my wife the later. We saw everything from humpback whales (3 X) to submarines (2 X).

The fishing was excellent as usual with plenty of Halibut, Silvers and even a few Pacific Cod to be had. I was told the cod would make good Halibut bait but I found them to be excellent on my dinner plate so Herring was the bait of choice for fishing. We also caught what I was told were Rat Fish ugly little critters but colorful!

I pretty much stayed away from town except for the occasional trip to the A&P for groceries and to Madison for hardware to help our son and daughter in-law with projects around their new house. However my wife had no problem coming to town to shop on a regular basis. We also made a trip to town one night to take in a play called "The Fish Pirates Daughter" and all the crab we could eat, our youngest son excelled in the crab eating. Another trip to town in the evening was to see the Gigglesfeet at KAYHI. We will attend both again on our next visit if they are available when we are there they were both great events.

We also made use of the trail at the end of the road out north, ate at Salmon Falls, swam at Settlers Cove, were regulars at Knudson Cove and Clover Pass, Hiked at Tatouche, met people like Snapper and Gator, picked blueberries in the morning for our pancakes and huckleberries for pies in the evening - they also worked good for pancakes. By the way you have a great pie maker up there, thanks Savannah!

I also have to thank the North Tongass Fire Department for putting out a tree fire I started while burning brush at our son and daughter in-law's house. It had rained pretty good that morning but.........

I could go on and on but I'm sure you get the idea that we had a great time in Ketchikan and we will be back!


Bill, Debbie, and Ryan Nelson
North Saint Paul, MN - USA




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