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A Sad Day
By Chuck and Gillian Moon


August 17, 2005

Friday my wife took our two year old Black Lab Sonny to swim at the launch ramp at Knudson Cove. We think it was there that he drank some antifreeze. Sunday there were two large puddles of antifreeze at the top of the ramp. Monday morning he had to be put to sleep. I was in Juneau fishing and was not able be with my wife till later that night. My wife and I are still in a state of shock and tearfull.

I'm not blaming anyone but I do wish to make a point. If you spill antifreeze please clean it up. If you're going to drain antifreeze from your vehicle please dispose of it in a safe manner. Antifreeze is sweet tasting, dogs and kids can drink it and die a horrible death. It only takes a tablespoon full to kill a hundred pound dog.

I also wish to thank Dr. Dan and his staff (Ketchikan Vet Clinic) for being wonder full at what do and the great compassion shown to Sonny and Gillian. We are truely blessed to have them in Ketchikan.

With great sadness,

Chuck and Gillian Moon
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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