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Stink-o-Meter all the way over
By Jay Jones


August 16, 2005

So the Borough Assembly is considering extending the subsidy (tax break) of the Shipyard for another 30 years. That, along with the electric subsidy (City) and the $1500/month rent (State) should ensure that the Shipyard remain competitive for years to come.

$1500/month for a 250 ton shiplift and drydock? Try renting a 50 ton crane and see how much it costs you. Can anybody on the Assembly tell me how much the ASD owners make? Or how much Tyler Rental makes on tool rentals to the Shipyard? Let's see, if the same person is involved in ownership of both companies, isn't that a conflict of interest? Does the Shipyard accept competitive bidding on tool rentals? One would think it should if it is so heavily subsidized. And under the agreement the subsidized facility is to be used for "shipyard purposes only". Therefore I am sure that Tyler Rental surely would not have any of it's non-"shipyard equipment" or parts repaired, fabricated, or machined there.

Once again, the Stink-o-Meter is all the way over on this one. I would suggest that the Assembly draft a resolution asking the State to auction off the Shipyard and get it back on the tax rolls (and electric) as they (the Assembly) have so proudly done with the property at Ward Cove. If not, then just answer the above questions.

Jay Jones
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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