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Why consolidation is important
By Ben Rosenfeld


August 15, 2005

For all of us that live in the borough and do not have the opportunity to vote on important issues such as the dock is unfair. Many of us work in and benefit from the tourist industry in town and yet our opinions are not heard on issues like Proposition NO. 1. This is why we need to be one city and not punish the people that live out of the city limits. We are a city of one and we need to allow every one to have a chance to speak their minds and vote on key issues. But for now I can only attempt to convince a few people to make good decisions for the majority.

On the dock expansion proposal, the key points seem to be taxing, waterfront views, and more jewelry stores. The money will not be coming from taxing of the local citizens of Ketchikan, but from the head taxes of the cruise ship passengers. Money that has already been collected over the years from head taxes will be going into repairs of one of the berths which is in the millions, none of which local taxes will be paying for. More ships mean more tourists, which means more money, in case anyone hasn't forgotten that tourism is still Ketchikan s sole source for revenue. The waterfront is a big argument as well. Right now the waterfront is occupied by large decomposing storage facilities which block any view from the road and across the street the buildings are not much better looking which makes that make the drive through town quite depressing. We have the chance to clean up that part of town by expanding the docks through that area. Finally, on the issue of the jewelry stores, that is something the city or borough will have to take into initiative to change. Another option could be to pose a luxury tax during the summer months. Any argument against the growth or expansion of Ketchikan in my opinion is shortsighted and will hurt the residents of this great city in the future. By expanding the docks, we are securing the growth of Ketchikan.

Vote yes on Proposition NO. 1, I know I would if I had the chance.

Ben Rosenfeld
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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