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Let tourists see the real Ketchikan
By Neil Gray


August 12, 2005

Dave Person writes an interesting letter with a little different perspective. How many people look at downtown Ketchikan that same way?

Here's some food for thought. Tourists want to see the real Alaska, right? Why not give it to them. There are communities who thrive on tourism (I've mentioned them in a previous letter, plus there are others) because that's all they have to keep the communities have. But, they somehow have figured out how to keep their shops and stores in line with what is "local". The products sold, decor of the building fronts, etc., have guidelines to follow or they don't open the doors.

Restraint of free trade? Some of the out of state/seasonal businesses would argue that. But, somewhere along the line the proliferation of junk products needs to stop. Just a thought. Let tourists see the real Ketchikan and Alaska.

It looks like tourism is there to stay, so make the best of it and try to stay local.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA


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