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Nothing said about a government conspiracy
By Julie Kay Smithson


August 11, 2005

I said nothing about a "government conspiracy." In fact, the issue is whether all things nebulously deemed "non-native" are also "invasive." The issue is whether all species nebulously tagged as "native" are also "beneficial." There are many media stories currently painting a picture of all "native" species as "good" and all "non-native" species as "invasive." What's wrong with this picture? It's simply not true. Poison ivy is native, to be sure, but it is also noxious and invasive, as well as harmful to sensitive humans, pets and other animals. This is where the issue lies: with words that are used instead of the simple "noxious" or "beneficial," which far more accurately describe the real picture.

Julie Kay Smithson
London, OH - USA

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