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"First City Forum" Invitation
By John Hunt


August 11, 2005

On Tuesday, August 9th, AM 930 KTKN's daily talk show "First City Forum" discussed the upcoming bond issue regarding dock expansion.  Included as guests were Ketchikan City Council member Lew Williams, City Manager Karl Amylon and Ketchikan Visitor Bureau director Patti Mackey.  All of Tuesday's in-studio guests were in favor of passage of the question.

In our ongoing attempt to offer differing opinions on all issues, AM 930 KTKN is hosting another call-in program Friday August 12 with some in-studio guests who have interests in the issue being defeating.
Sitnews readers have seen opinions from a variety of community members (as well as visitors) both for and against the bond issue.  Two Ketchikan residents who have already posted their thoughts on Sitnews have agreed to take part in Friday's "First City Forum".  This is an invitation for anyone interested in airing their comments - positive or negative - about the dock expansion issue to call in during AM 930 KTKN's "First City Forum" on Friday, August 12, between 11AM and Noon.
John Hunt, Program Director
Gateway 106.7 & AM 930 KTKN
526 Stedman
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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