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Whoo-ey: Smell the pork!
By Rob Glenn


August 10, 2005

And so it continues.... NOW MSNBC and PBS are reporting the large amount of pork being spent on the Gravina Bridge. Nothing any of these television programs, or news magazine articles have reported have anything positive to say about the bridge. So I suspect they are all now "smoking pot".

So let's recap...

Daily Show

Newspapers through out the nation are all ridiculing the bridge. Check them out online...

Here is a direct excerpt from News Hour with Jim Lerher. This is an interview.

"MARGARET WARNER: All right. Let's talk about the 8 percent pork, that you define as pork. If John McCain's favorite project is the Ronald Reagan Highway, what's yours?

NORMAN ORNSTEIN: Well, there's no question that the grand slam homerun of projects here is in Alaska, and no great coincidence, because the Chairman of the House Committee is Don Young of Alaska. It is $250 million, not $2.4 million -- for a bridge, larger than the Golden Gate Bridge -- that would go from Ketchikan, with a population of 8,000 to an island with a population of 50.

Now, the next favorite actually is also in Alaska: $3 million to produce a film on how Alaska spends its highway money. "

We have become the spending pot of the country. And yet, we can't drive off our island. Wahoo for expansion!

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Rob Glenn
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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