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On the subject of baseball
By John Rymer


August 09, 2005

I wanted to add to the "Baseball" letter on Monday. The three coaches that have taken the Sr. League team from Ketchikan to the Divisional round in Oregon, are all Ketchikan born and raised. Manager, Brandon Nicholas, Coach Denan Andrews and Coach Rich McAlpin Jr.. These young coaches have all been to all star games throughout their baseball careers and now have brought home a District title and a State title. This is what coaching in Ketchikan is all about, seeing the players become coaches and keeping the tradition alive. All the past parents and coaches that gave all of their time and energy to the Ketchikan program should be honored by this group, and push for more of our young players to be all star championship coaches.

To the Sr. League players themselves, "congratulations" and a job well done!

John Rymer
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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