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By Glenn A. Bell


August 09, 2005

I'm 1/4 Tlingit and an Alaskan Native, but I would like to voice my opinion. Don Hoff Jr. does not speak for all natives especially me.

First off let's talk about the "Native Unity" we always hear about, there is none especially in our family, My mom has been in long term care in the Hospital for four years now bed ridden, I have run into lot's of "Native" family members who knew my mom was up there and always told me that they will go see her, but never did, every time I saw the same people they would say the same thing - it got to the point to where I would just walk away.

I bet our ancestors would say it's more important to up lift the broken and hurting natives than it is to worry about a couple of graves. People are not just shells of emptiness they are flowers of life.

Second what's more important than worrying about what gets plowed over to make a bridge. The native people are getting plowed over by Alcohol, AIDS, Incest, etc..

Third teaching the younger native culture how to be a racist is pretty self destructive. Calling Alaska reps "White man" is nothing but a ignorant racist remark.

Also how much more free stuff do the native people need? I'm all for education and help with housing and bills when you are in a jam and KIC has been awesome with that in the past and I'm totally grateful for that.

As far as I'm concerned the government does not owe me anything else just because I'm native. I have free medical, my kids get free schooling and collage, dental, also KIC has or had a housing program where they would pay I believe up to $20,000.00 for a down payment on house.

So why should we ask for more? If I as a native can get this funding from the government just because of my bloodline and skin color then I believe all skin colors should also benefit from it.

I don't think I'm the only Native American out there who thinks this either, I'm grateful for everything I have and had in my life so why ask for more.

Every culture has their martyrs and insurgents but they do not speak for everyone.

To all the people who said they would visit my mom and never did, SHAME ON YOU!!!

I don't write letters to Sitnews to get people's approval. I write to voice my opinion, because I don't like other people thinking I feel the same way they do.

I hope all had a good summer!!

Can anyone enlighten and tell me why we never see that many movies or documentaries on the Korean War? There are lot's on WWI, WWII, Civil War, Vietnam, etc but never on the Korean War.

Glenn A. Bell
Attalla, Alabama - USA




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