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Change with the times or get left behind.
By Tom LeCompte


August 05, 2005

Sorry if I offended you Ms. Monyak. I own a house on Pennock and own a house in town as well. I imbibe at the Roost and Arctic as often as it suits my fancy. I'd vote for KJ for any office he aspires to. I park in the neighborhood I spoke of. Walk along the back of Waterfront Storage and tell me it isn't run down. Walk by the old Marine Bar and empty piling lot next door and tell me it isn't run down.Choose any number of other buildings and businesses along Tongass and you can see what needs to be cleaned up.

Quaint is good as it applies but I hope you can tell the difference between quaint and tired.

Everyone has an idea about how to do this thing with docks or not. I stated my opinion and I'm sorry if it wrecked your day. Many other of the "vote no" group are the ones whose business interests are on the South end by Tatuda's so they are angry and voting no because they didn't get their way. I've worked downtown on the docks for 12 seasons. I know the impact of where the ships moor on different businesses. Every merchant/vendor wants the gangway to run right into their front door.

The bottom line is...what's good for our economy, now and for the long term? Who else is going to pay for these needed improvements if not the ship industry, and they will pay.

I love fishing and the timber industry. They paid my way through school and for my parents livelyhood for 50 years, but....they aren't coming back in the volume or numbers to sustain our town so get over it.

I love this state and have been here for the majority of my adult life. I wish it could be the way it once was, with fewer rules, regs, and complications...but it's not ever going to be that way here again, or in any other part of America.

Change with the times or get left behind.


Tom LeCompte
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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