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Think Before You Sign
By Ken Perry


August 05, 2005

With misleading and inflammatory language, ACAT recently announced its ballot initiative drive to burden ALL Alaska school districts and every licensed daycare in the State with expensive new requirements on chemical usages.

While the results could be a big source of revenue for our (pest management) businesses, and for the ADEC, we do not support it. Before you sign this document, be sure and read the language that it includes. If passed, a school janitor or homeowner/daycare provider would have to be certified as an applicator (or hire us) to wipe the desks or chairs with a Clorox Disinfecting Wipe (Category 3) and will have to request an emergency exemption every time they want to clean their toilets with Lysol Disinfectant (Category 1). I

n addition, mice, cockroaches, spiders etc. will be allowed to propagate while the required "try non-chemical control first" attempts at control (at $200.00 or more per visit) are performed BEFORE the immediate, safe and effective use of! an EPA registered pesticide is allowed.

Ken Perry
Anchorage AK - USA




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