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By William Tatsuda


August 05, 2005

Dear Editor:
VOTE NO on the North side Port bond proposal and send a message to the City Council that we should not rush to pay more for less.  The Thomas Basin breakwater design is a better alternative in functionality, location, and value.

The current North side design is an incomplete rush job, which ignores the work and advice of our professional consultants.   Fewer ships will be able to tie up (4 as compared to 5 with the Thomas basin design). Floating docks are inferior to fixed piers.  Pedestrian access to the docks will be difficult.   Ships will block waterfront views all the way out to the Lutheran Church. Expect gridlock all the way out to the Plaza Mall.

The Thomas Basin T-Pier design was the one recommended by the harbor consultants, because it costs less, provides more total dock space, and will not screw up through town traffic.  The only serious objection to the Thomas Basin design was from the Trident cannery manager.  No reasons were given for the objection, except unsubstantiated concerns about Homeland Security and the inconvenience of having to anchor their boats further away from the cannery.  There is plenty of space between the cannery and the proposed T-Pier for boats to get to the cannery dock to unload fish.  As far as Homeland Security is concerned, the current design puts City Float inside of the new floating docks. If Homeland Security were to be a problem for the cannery, it would be an even bigger problem for City Float users if the North side docks are built.
William Tatsuda
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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