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Remember to Write Your Politicians & Other Newspapers
By Rob Glenn


August 04, 2005

Thank you Sitnews. I would like to thank Sitnews for allowing we the people of Ketchikan to write our views on your page. I obviously have used it often to express my concerns.

I also would like to thank everyone who reads and writes on Sitnews. It is great to know that we can use Sitnews to get the message out because if we tried to do this through other local means, it would never get printed. Unless it was all positive and we just bowed down to Don Young and the City/Borough politicians.

However, Sitnews alone is not the way to get the message out. You need to write your politicians. We need to write other Alaska Newspapers. I have written Don Young's office, and actually left most of the emotion aside. Being friendly and offering how we can better help Alaskan residents.... well it was emotionless until the end when I told him it was time to get him out of office for young fresh minds and that I was going to talk to 5 people I know to vote him out next time it comes up, and that hopefully those 5 would carry it on to others. Does it matter to him, probably not, will it affect anything, once again probably not; however, the message was sent. And one person alone, is just one person, but if more people write him to his office maybe, yet not likely, he will get the message.

I am sure Don Young does not read Sitnews, he is too busy slamming Alaskans who are against him for "smoking pot".

I would encourage everyone who is against the bridge to let him know. You will not get an answer back because he apparently does not care about how we feel. You are either with him, or you are an enemy!

Office of Congressman Don Young
Peterson Tower Building
510 L St, Suite 580
Anchorage, Alaska 99501-1954

Office of Congressman Don Young
2111 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515

If you live outside of Alaska and are against this, write your Congressman. This is a large chunk of money going to this bridge. Can't we get the road to the main land, and you know what? We would still need a bridge! Don can name that one!

Rob Glenn
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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