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Vote Yes
By Ben Rosenfeld


August 04, 2005

It is necessary for dock expansion in Ketchikan. Our main economy is tourism and we need to make the necessary changes for further development. The cruise ships provide jobs, money for our local schools, and money for our city.

If we do not develop the dock system that we have now, we will not see more money coming in. For all the money that the cruise ships have been bringing to our city, it is time that we put money back into maintaining the docks. We can not just discard this proposal as a waste of money, but an investment into Ketchikan's future. As residents, we all have trouble with the commute through downtown and that is the price we pay for having the cruise ships here. If we take away the vital money that is spent in Ketchikan, we lose important attributes in our economy. We will feel the affects for next year when we have less cruise ships in town, which is why we need to make change.

By voting Yes we secure the investment in our future. We can not just take the cruise ships for granted; we need to put investments back into our main revenue. We can not see our city slowly collapsing, because we do not want to make investments.

Ben Rosenfeld
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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