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Vote Yes
By Thomas Ferry


August 03, 2005

The final option for the cruise ship docks has been decided by our representatives on the City Council. The folks that say "Vote No" are in the vast minority. People here realize that without tourism our community will dry up and blow away. A no vote will send a message that we as a community do not want tourism. I personally do not want our community to turn into Wrangell - although I love Wrangell, there is not much going on there.

I say vote yes! This bond will turn the area north of the tunnel into a vibrant historic shopping district and possibly save the old cannery from destruction along with other historic buildings that will be utilized in the tourism industry. Three million dollars in studies have been done to come to this point. A new reconfigured city float will emerge, who would be against that? New parking structures for locals will emerge, property owners will fix and paint their shoddy broken down properties, sidewalks will be widened, those horrible telephone poles will come down and be replaced with the historic clean looking lamps of downtown, there will be more jobs created - who would be against this?

Unless we restart the pulp mill, start chopping down more trees, open up a spruce mill, kick out the jewelry shops, open all the defunct bars and take us back to the wild west days of the seventies... the answer is vote Yes for the future.

Thank you,

Thomas Ferry
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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