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Naming The Bridge
By Robert D. Warner


August 03, 2005

The article on naming Ketchikan's bridge to Gravina presents a interesting bit of history.  Times have changed, however. Should we have a name change for this bridge to nowhere?  How about "Don Young's Ugly Bridge to Nowhere?"  One word says it best, UGLY!!!
Shame on you Representative Young for your fleecing American taxpayers by promoting such waste.  With our government's red ink this year at $333 billion and rising, why would you push a special interest scheme like this?  What are you doing to improve our health care system, water quality, social security, the plight of our armed forces, and other urgent needs?  Why do you confuse "development" with progress in this community?  Oh yes, what about a tax break for middle class Americans? 
Thanks but no thanks Mr. Young.
Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, AK - USA




Who Named the Bridge? By Dick Kauffman - Ralph M. Bartholomew Veterans' Memorial Bridge - that's the name of the proposed bridge to Gravina. When and how the bridge was named is a question that continues to arise. Rumors float that Congressman Don Young named the bridge, others say that the Ketchikan Assembly named the bridge, then there are others who think the citizens of Ketchikan might have voted on a name for the bridge. - More...
Tuesday - August 02, 2005




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