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Ketchikan's Bridge
By Rob Glenn


August 03, 2005

Through the new transportation bill $223 million has been offered for the Gravina I bridge. That leaves the bridge $86 million dollars short at today's cost.

So where is that short fall going to come from? Don Young, will you be paying up? I mean this is your big project. Maybe I am "smoking pot" but something tells me Alaska residents should plan on paying up a little more money. I truely hope that the majority of Ketchikan residents are for this bridge as soon enough we may all be paying for it.

Will the borough be paying for it? I mean as is, don't they get our sales tax. I understand that the money spent on items we buy goes directly to the borough and not even the state, although I must confess that is just a rumor I heard.

Then they give $60 million dollars for the Marine Highway System over 6 years. $10 million a year. People the Fairweather cost $38 million dollars. Well I guess there won't be any new ships. Another way to destroy the system.

Bridges and holed Roads.... what a great state title.

Rob Glenn
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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