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Who Will Join Me? - for a "Vote No" Ad?
By Roberta McCreary


August 01, 2005

I am pretty upset about City tax dollars being spent on two quarter-page ads in Saturday's Ketchikan Daily News. In fact, I wonder if this is ethical? Shouldn't the City also pay for ads to explain the VOTE NO side of the issue as well?

We need to educate the citizens of this community who may not have had the opportunity to thoroughly consider this issue coming before them in less than three weeks.

Will you join me in designing and paying for an ad that asks for accountability from the City on the Dock Extension Bond Issue?

I would like to point out that the original estimate of cost for Option F (the option of choice) according to the City's web site was $78,820,000 (NOT $70 million) and as footnoted "does not include business acquisition or relocation costs, if any. This budgeted figure included $1.57 million for "construction and on street replacement parking" and a "placeholder -- actual scope of work to be developed through Upland Master Plan" of $4.14 million for things like traffic control, demolition, roadway, traffic signs, landscaping, furniture and contingency.

This doesn't jibe with the City Council's recommendation.

Here we go again... unless you VOTE NO.

Roberta McCreary
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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