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Ode to Alaska
By Bob Allen


August 01, 2005

Ode to Alaska

Alaska, Alaska, the county's biggest state
Your mountains so high and fish so great.

So how in the world do you get away with
Not being regulated by any other state?

Cancer is high, sober is low, look another
Drunk driver on the road.

Oil is on plenty, roads are potholed
As soon as the oil is gone the rest of the
Country will just let us go.

Cruise ships in summer, ferries all year
Yet Governor Murkowski's road plan is
Still in full gear.

Teachers laid off, some adults can't read
Yet the state's funding for education is still being

Public employees you should fear.
The money you put in for retirement
Is not going to be here.

Seven Stars on a sea of blue
Alaska's flag what does it mean to you?

Trees being cut down, processed and cleaned,
The chemicals go where? Into our seas.

So think of Alaska the last frontier
Our pollution, poor medical care, and
Corrupt government are all very clear.

When it rains it pours for months on end
Southeast Alaskans never bend,
when it is sunny and warm they cry for rain
it must explain why we all go insane.

Alaska, Alaska, your seas so blue
Your stars are bright, and water so true.
In Ketchikan Haloacidic acids and arsenic we drink
Do you politicians care about us? Not a blink.

Bridges and roads being built,
Yet not enough money to plow a route.

Don Young and Ted Stevens thanks for the money
but why must you use is on Pork Barrel funding?

Young, Stevens, Murkowski, and Taylor your
ages are older than the State of Alaska.
You look for a legacy to continue when you're gone
unfortunately you use Alaska citizens as your pawns.

Our state's forefathers it is time to go
let us vote younger intelligent life forms in
who know how to take care of Alaska citizens as a whole
rather then just filling their pockets full of Dough.

Bob Allen
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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