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New Book Released by Local Artist Ray Troll
Book Signing & 'O-Fish-AL'Book Launch Party Sept. 3rd


August 27, 2004

Ketchikan, Alaska - For more than two decades, Ketchikan artist Ray Troll has been luring, hooking, and landing fans around the world with his zany, irreverent, and often surreal art.

jpg Ray Troll Ketchikan, Alaska

Graphic courtesy Ray Troll ©2004
Featured in museums, galleries, and books, as well as on immensely popular T-shirts, his work - part natural history adventure and part underground comic - depicts beautiful and accurately drawn fish of all kinds, Northwest Coast totems, Freud and Darwin, fossils, resurrections of extinct animals, and much more.

Troll's new book - Rapture of the Deep: the Art of Ray Troll - published by The University of California Press is a collection of some of his best-known art along with many images never published.

Quoting a book description provided by The University of California Press, Rapture of the Deep: the Art of Ray Troll makes powerful connections between biological diversity, the evolution of life on earth, and the careless habits of people. Rapture of the Deep celebrates Troll's vision with legendary works including "Spawn Till You Die," "Life's a Fish and Then You Fry," and "Bassackwards," in which fish use money, liquor, and literature as bait to lure humans. Troll's running commentary reveals the thought and inspiration behind his art. Writer Brad Matsen, Troll's longtime coconspirator, adds a lively introduction to the art and life of his "sole" brother.

A book signing and 'o-fish-al' launch party is scheduled to take place in Ketchikan at the Soho Coho next Friday , September 3rd from 7pm to 9pm.



The Universtiy of California Press

Rapture of the Deep: the Art of Ray Troll

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Graphic Courtesy Ray Troll ©2004

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