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Alaska Land Mobile Radio Reponsibility Moves
to Dept. of Military & Veteran's Affairs


August 18, 2004

Juneau, Alaska - A delegation of responsibilities and duties shifting The Alaska Land Mobile Radio System from the Department of Administration to the Department of Military and Veteran's Affairs has been completed according to Ray Matiashowski, Commissioner of Administration.

"Since the Alaska Land Mobile Radio System at times is closely associated with Homeland Security issues, it made more sense for it to be under the control of the Department of Military and Veteran's Affairs," said Commissioner Matiashowski. "The Department of Administration will continue, however, to operate the State of Alaska Telecommunications System, 2-way radio and paging systems," he added.

The Alaska Land Mobile Radio System creates a cooperative partnership across federal, state and local jurisdictions. It entailed the building and operation of a secure, interoperable trunked radio system, providing a two-way radio system to be used by first responders and public safety officials for instant, effective and private communications. Interoperability allows an essential communications link within public safety and public service wireless communications systems which permits units from two or more different entities to interact with one another and to exchange information. Trunking allows the automatic sharing of a small number of radio channels between a large number of radio users.

Based on user requirements gathered during a system design and analysis planning phase, the ALMR System meets the requirements of all participating partners, the State of Alaska, Alaska Municipal League, and Federal DoD and Federal non-DoD for two-way radio emergency communications within Alaska.


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Alaska Department of Administration
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