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Annual Blueberry Arts Festival Rolls Into Full Swing
Pet & Doll Parade Kicks Off the Festivities


August 07, 2004

Ketchikan, Alaska - The annual Blueberry Arts Festival kicked off Friday in Ketchikan with the Pet & Doll parade sponsored by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ketchikan. The Blueberry Arts Festival rolls into full swing on Saturday with numerous events from slug races to pie eating contests to be enjoyed by Ketchikan residents and visitors .

photo blueberry festival Ketchikan, Alaska

Pet & Doll Parade participants Big Sister Lilah Walker and Little Sister Jana pose with Jana's cute cat after the Pet & Doll Parade Friday. In the background, kids are enjoying refreshments which were served after the parade.
Photo courtesy Gretchen Klein


Schedule of Events


Saturday - August 07, 2004

8:30 registration for races:

9:00 am - Blueberry Fun Run - 1 mile children's run starts in front of the Methodist Church.

9:30 am - 5k and 10 k runs start at the Methodist Church

9:30 am - Slug weigh-in at the Methodist Church

10:00 am - Booths open in the State Office building parking garage

10:00 am - 5:00 pm - Juried Art Show at the Mainstay Gallery near Creek Street

10:30 am - Slug Races at the Methodist Church parking lot

11:30 pm - Pie Eating Contest at the Methodist Church parking lot

12:30 - 5:00 pm - Battle of the Bands in the Methodist Church parking lot - Open to all singers, bands, soloists, and singer/songwriters. Cash prizes for the Best Band and for the Best Song About Blueberries. Registration required.

1:00 pm - Spelling Bee, Methodist Church sanctuary

2:00 pm - Trivia Contest, Methodist Church sanctuary

3:00 pm - Great Blueberry Race, Main Street

3:30 pm - Great Blueberry Debate, Methodist Church sanctuary

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm - Beer Festival, Great Alaska Lumberjack Show


Sunday - August 08, 2004

2:00 pm - Richard Brautigan & Dick Whittaker Annual Trout Fishing in American Poetry Slamon at the New York Café. Sponsored by the Ketchikan Writer's Forum, call 225-2211 for more information.



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