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RE: Squeezed out
by L. Ably


August 31, 2004

Tom LeCompte is very correct. I have watched 'many' small business owners get squeezed out of business by the local governing bodies. It is unfortunate this community is small and that we are water locked because it promotes less than honorable motivates.

If you want to open a business now, you can not do it on a 'shoe string' because you need several thousand dollars to pay "the tax collector" before you open your doors. Whose idea was that? Did the elected officials think that up themselves or did they get that advice from their tax office? I doubt it is even constitutional! Didn't they teach about the "Stamp Act" in history class around here?

How many people on elected seats own businesses themselves or who have friends, neighbors or family that do, and who do not want the competition? Well as I have said it is a small town. Perhaps the 80's was not good to Ketchikan. Too much TV back then I'd say. But this is not "Dallas" and though they might try, we really don't have any JR Ewings here.

Nor can these folks clean up the mistakes they make with the blink of an eye from a TV Genie. Rather the tax payers continue to pay for it over and over and over again. With a multi-billion dollar tourist industry beating down our doors (and driving our streets) there is no reason that the locals should pay for street repairs, schools or sales tax.

L. Ably
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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