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Care-takers of our town
by Arilee Bird


August 25, 2004

There seems to be a dis-ease in the "care-takers" of our town.... albeit like other tourist towns I've lived in. All I see is once the "town" is gobbled up by 'outsiders' flashing big $$$$$ - duty free" jewelry or whatever businesses - then we must remember beautiful old towns. The people who "work" there have to be bussed in or drive miles and miles to go to work their four or five jobs.

Here ya go Ketchikan, but you ain't got no Copper Mountain, and I tell ya now, North Revilla is not going to be your "stoop" grounds. Build a kajillion dollar bridge so that us workin' flunkies can camp out over there - if we can afford what you're gonna charge us to walk over your bridge. I'll betcha they'll charge us to walk it too!!!! Lie Like Rugs! Ah, I want to move away from here because I can't believe this!

Arilee Bird
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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