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Ketchikan Community Center for the Arts
by Kim Judge, Laurie Thomas & Bob McClory


August 24, 2004

Imagine a rainy winter night, driving downtown past boarded up businesses - lots of parking, few places to go. Now consider a different scenario. A rainy winter night in 2008 you round the bend downtown, and you see the Ketchikan Community Center for the Arts, a hub of activity, beckoning you. You've just shared a lovely dinner on your way to see a theatre performance. Your daughter is in her dance class, and your father-in-law in his painting class - later they'll enjoy a quick sandwich at another downtown eatery, catching up on their day. Your neighbor, who runs a local hotel, is getting ready for 15 out-of-town students who'll be taking a week-long workshop with a nationally known watercolor instructor.

This is a snapshot of what the Ketchikan Community Center for the Arts is about.

The Arts Center is a place where workshops and performances attract locals as well as visitors, hundreds of students participate in classes and our community gathers to celebrate our talented friends and neighbors. Artistic opportunities are available to everyone. Ketchikan is a great place to visit and to live, in part because of the opportunities that the arts provide. The arts play an important role in Ketchikan and this Center plays a vital role in the arts.

While recent developments with the Borough land-trade may delay progress, the Arts Center project continues to appreciate the support of the Mayor and a majority of the Assembly members as it moves forward. It s heartening that most of the community members who want to review the mechanics of the land trade have also voiced their support for the arts and the Arts Center.

To the hundreds of people who have actively supported the Arts Center, to the thousands who have been involved in our arts programming, and to the general community who have benefited from the arts - we are moving ahead. We express our gratitude to the people who have spent countless hours over the past 5 years actively working toward the success of this project.

We welcome suggestions - your voice will strengthen this exciting community project.


Kim Judge
Laurie Thomas
Bob McClory
Ketchikan Community Center for the Arts (KCCA) Steering Committee Members
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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