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Cruise ship docking options
by Jessica Mathews


August 24, 2004

I was recently at Talbots and noticed their petition for adding additional docking space beyond the tunnel. They stated in the petition that the current plan is to put one on top of the fish processing plants by Tatsudas. This would hamper those processing businesses and bottleneck the area with congestion. It would be a zoo to jam more people in that downtown area and punish our fishing industry.

I hadn't thought much about these things as I am not in the tourist business. But I totally agree that putting a new docking cruise ship there is a bad idea. The area is full enough, and to hamper a working business is the thing that drives me crazy in this town. When I drove through the tunnel headed West, I noted the area is full of empty space and buildings in a run down condition. What better place to add docking but on the West side of the tunnel. The area has plenty of potential, there are lots of buildings that could use the foot traffic. I would welcome it there as it would give people more options than the swamp of just the downtown area. That whole stretch of Tongass could be improved, look more appealing and the passengers could get a glimpse of it from the water. Please consider spreading out the masses and giving that section of town a boost. It looks like it could use it and it would be a great expansion for the town--better than a bridge to no where.

Jessica Mathews
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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